Artist Statement - Summer 2015 I work predominantly with paint and transluence; addressing paintings' surface and spatial depth. Testing the sliding scale of figuration and abstraction, my focus is how we perceive identity and change - encounters. However these chance meetings are witnessed, experienced, or imagined, they are social and personal engagements. Exploring the relationship between what we see and what we feel, the work invites the viewer to question their own perceptions, while hinting at a narrative, or capturing moments in the lives of others. The candid enquiry often exposes polarized, human states, and occasionally, offers a provocative, sometimes-humorous take on our everyday experiences. I am currently exploring the tensions between what is public and what is private; how, in today’s digital world, appearance often contrasts with reality and sociability belies intimacy. Confronting and surveying our need, and sensitivity for intimate connections.
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